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  • Buckley Collum
    Sometimes you just have to stand up and look around.
  • Bethlehem Shoals
    Providing the best in Slovenian farm league analysis since 1968. Mostly basketball and politics. Check out his book "The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac: Styles, Stats, and Stars in Today's Game".
  • Jason Cooper
    The fiction, art, scribbles and notions born of a mind that often wanders, rarely arriving at any particular destination.
  • Matthew Haavisto
    A mountain hiking, guitar picking, hockey playing, badminton hitting, outdoor loving great friend of mine.
  • Halle’s Smooooth Words o’ Wisdom
    Michael Halle is a professional photographer in Portland Oregon.

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  • Atom Films
    Hilarious and Bizarre Shockwave Shorts.
  • Comedy Central
    For a somewhat different perspective than Fox News.
  • Derf City
    An art school dropout, Derf worked on a garbage truck before deciding to give cartooning a try. Today his comic strip, The City, is one of the most widely-read alternative cartoons, appearing regularly in nearly 60 publications.
  • Odd Todd
    Odd Todd produces short animations on, well, whatever he's thinking about.
  • Thinking Machine Chess
    If you like chess, you're gonna love this!

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We are staying at Casa Bonita in November. What can you tell us about it?

Frederick Ferguson

Well we thought it was fantastic. 3BR/2BA. Nice pier and yard. There's a bar/restaurant right up the beach. I really like being close to town. Normally we stay pretty far south of San Pedro at Casa Redondo. What would you like to know?

roxane jensen

Thanks for responding! We are first timers in Belize. Tell us about the kitchen. How well equipped is it? We like to grill out most nights. What would you suggest bringing along?

Frederick Ferguson

There is a barbeque. And I think most everything was there in the kitchen. I can't imagine taking anything other than possibly condiments. There are a number of good grocery stores in San Pedro now though the ones on the front street tend to be expensive. We cook a lot of Korean so we took some Korean sauces and condiments but that was it.

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